Her grades are in and my beautiful, head-busting wife was a very good student this past semester. She worked hard, and she focused, and she didn't get sidetracked even by cleaning her house. Instead she Natasha and it was all better.

After taking her Semiotics final, she reported, while dreaming, deconstructing the act of waking up, all within a dream! "Take a Freudian stand on that!"


I don't really have time to blog. Did Christmas last week with friends far away in the Miami Valley. Now rushing off elsewhere for Christmas with my family. Then elsewhere again for Xp-mas with hers. And then . . . adventure in the wild blue yonder!


Prospecting for B&Bs in NZ is, once you get into it, a whole lot of fun. It's almost as addictive as browsing for books on Amazon.
First Snow in Stow!. It's pretty, and a harbinger of wha's to come.


I am watching one of my favorite movies and surfing for hotels and B&Bs in New Zealand. Jules et Jim is probably my favorite Truffaut: it is is his most romantic, most Tristanic film. What blows me away this time is how so very different Jeanne Moreau is in the Truffaut picture from in the Antonioni picture, La Notte, made just the same year (1962).


Overheard. My wife says, "You with two weeks of too little reading, turns you into an ogre."