In case any of you have not heard, my wife and I have been blessed with a son. His name is Ambrose Richard Wiley, after Ambrose of Milan and his maternal grandfather. The little guy was actually born some time ago--on May 10th. (He was actually due on his grandfather's birthday, but my dad had to take a rain check.) He seems long, and has an alert, curious disposition (but not sanguine). I think he looks like Marsha and other people think he looks like me. Survey says he is above average cute.

Ambrose likes to be outside or to go to large indoor spaces, like malls, or to spend time with Mommy, who is (for him) the Source of All the Milk in the Universe.

When he was actually being born, I thought two things. First, his head looked like a long carrot, with eyes and a mouth at one end. Second, catching him reminded me of catching kids back in the barn a long time ago. Ambrose was very slippery and I almost dropped him.

Email me at my earthlink address if you want to see a picture.

We are very happy.


Update on the Little Person

We are expecting a boy. He kicks quite a lot. If anyone asks about the name, we tell them "Absalom." (It's close to the start of the alphabet.)

I am sitting here drinking coffee and listening to the Stokowski orchestration of Bach's Toccatta, which is the opening selection. I think of a dark winter evening in 1982 when my late grandmother came and picked me up at Tree of Life and took me to see the re-released Fantasia. She thought it was important. It was.