Formal Launch

Good evening. This, my personal weblog, is inspired by several community and personal blogs I've seen and impelled by my own lack of local intellectual community. Viva la internet! I shall use this space to publish my thoughts—meae sententiae, such as they are—to review what is of my own time, and report on what fresh tidbits I learn of what is not. The title is taken from the first line of a very great poem, and suggests both the image of a medieval soul lost in this modern world, but also my sense that that life is an intellectual adventure through a Romantic landscape. The content shall be, I think, predominately objective, philosophical, and universal, although I may also write of what I am doing and where I think myself to be going. This genre is new to me, but perhaps old friends and fellow pilgrims will find this work in progress beneficial or at least fun to read. AMDG.

As this is neither a contribution to a discussion list, nor a finished work intended for to communicate some discrete thesis to an audience, I will make no apologies whatsoever for being cryptic, allusive, evasive, speculative, or pseudo-poetic. Ergo, enjoy!

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