A Wiley Primer

a – age: 28
b – bonding activity (best): road trips
c – computer: Apple Powerbook G4
d – dream date: to lead her through a dark wood to a high mountain, to show her the kingdoms of the world and their history, to ravish her and whisper in her ear: Omnia vincit Amor; et nos cedamus amori.
e – epic (favorite): Aeneid or Paradise Lost
f – film (favorite): L’Avventura or Vertigo
g – greatest accomplishment: teaching myself Greek or surviving the first year of law school
h – happiest day of your life: walking across London and realizing that history was real
i – issues: with democratic culture
j – juvenilia: whales, dinosaurs, battleships, and the outer planets
k – kind: Homo sapiens
l – language work: Latin, Greek, Arabic m – meat of choice: New York strip or raw salmon
n – name: Joshua, not Josh
o – opera (best): Otello or Turandot
p – pizza toppings: pepperoni, mushrooms, black olives
q – quality (best): intellectual curiosity
r – raison de etre: to read, dream, and write
s – sport of choice: chess
t – television show (best): Babylon 5
u – urbs: Columbus
v – vacation (favorite): Italy
w – weakness: bookstores
x – xenophobia: really beautiful women ;-)
y – year born: 1974
z – zodiac sign: Gemini

(shamelessly reinvented)

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