My wife and I are celebrating two months of marriage by sitting and eating imitation crab over Bolla® Pinot Grigio. La vita é bella!

I have been forgetting to email old friends. (Or even blog.) It's a real problem. "You have been a really horrid e-friend." Well, mea culpa miserrima. :(

After about a week of tinkering with a cable modem, an airport, two sets of custom ISP software, and two laptops, I have FINALLY succeeded in configuring a home wireless broadband system. It's very nice. No more trying to send emails three times through AOL dialup crouched on the floor close to a phone jack.

This development means that home officing will be more productive, and that I'll be more inclined to post to this blog (either that just read the Drudge Report with my wife in bed LOL).

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