O Canada!

Marsha and I went to Canada this past weekend. We got a number of AERO bars. (Yum!) We stayed in the Minolta Tower, a strangely-shaped building on the Canadian side overlooking the Horseshoe Falls. We ate too much beef and suffered gastric distress. (Either that or it was this cool wedding we attended.) Marineland was, alas, closed, so no whales for Marsha. :(

We went on to Toronto and mulled around the University district, visiting the Royal Ontario Museum, saying hi to a 1/10 scale chrysoelephantine Athena Parthenos, several Albertosauri, and about 500 bronze and iron age implements. (We also went to two large bookstores, and passed a humungeous Pottery Barn.) Then we went past downtown to the lake and hung out on the islands for a few hours. I have pictures of my (rather cold) feet in a (rather cold) Lake Ontario to prove it. The sky and water were very clear, and the sailboats made it quite picturesque.

I only regret that we didn't have time to do the CN Tower . . . oh, and that I didn't research used U of T bookstores on classics and medievalia in advance.

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