Farenheit 911 points

1. Honestly, the film made me a bit hesitant about voting for Bush. Of course, the prospect of voting for Kerry isn't highly appetizing either. Still, the film did give me pause.

2. The best moments in the film were when it constrasted the interests of the elites and the uses of the lower classes by those elites, and also when it drew Orwellian conclusions as to the political purposes of a war on terror.

3. The film reminded me that, in 1990, at the tender age of 16, I was violently opposed to the Gulf War and feared being drafted to be mercenary for some emir.

4. It struck me that a similar film coudl easily have been made about the Balkan conflicts of the late 1990s, although there the humanitarian situation would have been more compelling than the WMD situation can now be made to appear. Also, one could easily get footage of Democratic politicians cuddling with Chinese businessmen.

5. I am going to urge all of my comparatively right-wing friends and family to see this film, if for no other reason than that they get slapped by a perspective outside of the CNN-Fox News-World Magazine-Wal Mart-local church bubble.

6. The film is very graphic at points and pushes all of the sentimental buttons.

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