In Wellington

This will be telegram style as am at kiosk. After spent two days in auckland, picked up car and went east for a day of reckless driving in over-winding roads in coromandel penninsula. Water is cold, penninsula bella, bella, bella. Drove through Matamata by accident, got a picture of a sign: "welcome to hobbiton." Drove down to rotorua, the hot spring town, aka town of sulphurous smells. Went to Whakatane next day on dolphin safari, swam with dolphins (JNW panicked at first, when dropped into xxxx' of water!) The underwater view of a pair of dolphins swimming along under me, chirping as they went, is an image that will remain with me alway. Didn't get sunburnt that day, but did get sunburnt on snowfield on central volcano in central NP yesterday. Saw "mordor" or what was used as such. Interesting terrain. Drive to Wellington was beautiful. very very varied topography. always changing. Ferry today across cook straits and to south island.

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