Warm Girl

Marsha and I had a conversation tonight in a parking lot. It went like this:

[Marsha complains about the cold and pulls her hood down over eyes.]
--What you need is a really more like a space suit . . like an astronaut wears.
--Does that have its own internal temperature control?
--Probably. Astronauts have to stay warm and it's very cold in outer space.
--Then I could be a warm girl, all the time. I could teach in it too. Hello, my name is Marsha. I'm from the planet Warm. In this class, you will learn to write in Warmese. Any references to C.O.L.D. or S.N.O.W. or other substances of this nature will result in automatic failure. If you happen to see some S.N.O.W. while in this class, please ignore it and do not point it out.
--You could ask for it for Christmas!
--Or I could get it for my birthday! . . . But will it be heavy?

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