I'm now 31. If you follow the old 1970's maxim, I guess you could say that I can no longer be trusted.

If you don't know Puccini, you have missed out on something wonderful which modern times has to offer modern man. (And I pity you.)

What things one losses through the rolling years? I think back to the days when I devoured Sibelius and Narn i Hin Hurin, or to the hours I spend enthralled in Euripides, and I almost wonder who that young man was. (I would like to be able to say, "Law School," but it really isn't that simple.)

in halls upheld     with huge pillars
of black basalt.     There bats wandered,
worms and serpents     enwound the columns;

Are "little people" a categorical imperative?

I read the other day that Woody Allen said that he would be gratified to be regarded as a "great European filmmaker." That struck a chord.

What cannot the myth in the Gorgias or the sixth chapter of the Gospel according to John be cited as authority in a judicial opinion? That categorical bar has always bothered me. It seems to make all of us that much the poorer for it.

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