Wasted Productive Break? :)

Break is almost over. I had hoped, as always to get so very much done. I did get a little done: some work on my SVC paper, some organization, and I even caught a Sopranos episode as part of my on-going cultural criticism project. And then there were the fast go-karts and a lot of beer. LOL.

I guess that I've blogged enough about my personal life by now, and not just about my stuffy "intellectual interests," and that this blog is supposed to be reflect anyways something of my Dantesque wanderings in una selva oscura, so I don't mind sharing that the most significant thing I did over break was to spend many hours IMing a young woman whom I met online some months back (!), then many more hours talking on the phone (!!), and that we've now decided to try to meet in person without undue delay (!!!). She's smart, beautiful, and fascinating; we share a lot in common, and seem to be nicely complimentary. And I'm very upbeat!

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