Reenactment and More

I suppose I should be blogging about my reading and actually writing something, but married life is making me so rather bourgeois. Yesterday, Marsha took me on a "recreation of our first date." It wasn't quite my birthday (which is actually Monday this year, and the brother-and-sister-in-law who introduced us weren't present, and the scene was Cleveland rather than Cincy, but the venues were in the same genres and in the same sequence.

We started out with consumer shopping doing a little business at the Apple store and visting both Gallion's and Joseph-Beth. From there, we proceeded to the Art Museum, inspecting our favorite art objects and romantic landscapes. We then wandered around downtown for a while, watching the sea of people converging on Jacob's Field, while waiting for to be able to use our 6 p.m. parking voucher. For dinner, we went to Fat Fish Blue (a cajun/creole sister establishment to Red Fish, where we went on our first date). The food was pretty good, although we couldn't quite finish the Carpetbagger. After dinner, we proceeded to the Hanna building for a play. "I Love You, You're Wonderful, Now Change" was pretty good. Hilarious, actually. Marsha really liked it. :) My favorite part was the vignette of the law firm commercial offering to represent sexually unsatisfied lovers.

Afterwards, we were almost crunched on I-77 by some drunk idiots coming out of the ball game. :(

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