Tripped out over academic opportunities.

The next two quarters should be, as we say in Californian, "'freaking awesome, dude." My Semitics classes are taught by two real professors. Dr. Michael Zwettler, for Arabic grammar, is that brand of old German academic who is increasingly rare today and whose touch I've missed for far too long. I've only been in his class for two hours, but he seems like a stellar paedogogue. Dr. Gonzalo Rubio, for Akkadian, is a Spaniard from Salamanca and a bona fide polyglot (see his CV). Although I've learned a lot from my previous instructors in Arabic, but now it looks as though I'm in the presence of masters. Fortunately, I'm able to minimize my losses on the law side and focus primarily on Semitics this semester.

Bottom line: I haven't been this excited about my classes since we started the Symposium in January 2000 at Hillsdale. God is gracious.

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