Women like reenactments too.

In Akkadian, somehow we got off on the subject of reenactments. Dr. Rubio was, of course, trashing reenactments as inauthentic. "It's not like they do amputations on the field." The sophomore in the class (the rest of are all college grads, at least) piped up and explained that his cousin is involved in reenactments. In a "British" regiment from the Revolutionary period, to be exact. Dr. Rubio rejoined that reenactments are for boys who haven't grown up yet; women aren't interested in reenactments and simply won't participate in that sort of thing. The sophomore asserted that they actually do participate, and that his cousin's girlfriend is starting to get into it. We chuckled.

He went on: "She's portraying a camp follower."

The room erupted, and it took me about an hour to completely quit giggling.

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