Health, Travels, and the Open Ocean

I am finally getting over being sick. I came down with a sore through on March 4th. Then I flew to Baltimore with my wife to visit our (my new) darling nephews. Upon returning, I found myself plunged into a whirlwind at work, and then overworked, and it developed into a bad head cold. After spending three days on the couch, with heavy drainage and an intermitent fever, I went to a doctor (for the first time in years) and got on an antibiotic. My cold then turned into a persistent cough. I'm more or less over it now, but two weeks later.

This week, I travelled to Savannah, Georgia. While there, I attended part of the St. Patrick's Week festival. Apparently, Savannah has a huge Irish-Catholic population, and the second-largest parade in the country, after NYC. I have the beads to prove it.

While in Georgia, I had the opportunity to visit the Atlantic Ocean. It was wonderful to wade into the open sea at twilight. I hadn't been in a real ocean for years. (Last time was either Tynesmouth, England or Capri off Italy in 2001, before then, probably Holden Beach, NC, 1993ish.) Marsha was jealous when I called her via cell phone with breakers in the background. Now I'm sorta wishing we'd honeymooned in the Caribbean. :(

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