Joy of Joys!

Plunging deeper into Straussian waters . . .

My very own copy of Lerner & Mahdi's 1963 classic, Medieval Political Philosophy: A Sourcebook arrived today. (Cornell U. P. had it backordered for months.) This is a book that I've used since my Aristotle seminar with Shtromas sophomore year at Hillsdale--and now I finally have my own copy! (!!!) (And the copy already has its own contact paper.

Highlights include Al-Farabi on the Laws, Avicenna on prophecy, Avempace's Governance of the Solitary, Albo's Book of Roots, Aquinas' commentary on the Politics, and the Aegidus Romanus/John of Paris debate. Great stuff!

I think I feel an intellectual orgasm building . . .

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