The Big Trip!

As a part of Dodteye's and Marsha-Nini's enduring saga of madcap summer weekend trips, I am pleased to bring you the chapter about the trip to Dayton. First of all, there were the books. We went to three separate half-prices, and got some good shit. Like a Marquette U. Press edition of Henry on Ghent's questions on the Will, and an audio CD of selections from the Faerie Queen for $3.50. We also went to Books & Company, one of the greatest of all bookstores, where I got Bates' book on Aristotle's Best Regime. And I read Carl Schmitt's The Concept of the Political.

After we did the books, we did the peeps. Marsha's people, to be precise. Enjoyed spicy crackers, Polish-Baltic-Hungarian-German cuisine at the Amber Rose of Dayton, and a cool pool at a motel, and Guiness at the Thirsty Scholar. Had some good conversations, drank some wine. Everybody had a good time. Except you?

I didn't realize how many books I really have. I need some people to take some of these off my hands. Perhaps I can trade books for (more) beer (?).

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