It's the Hour of the Wolf, and I can't sleep. Before trying to sleep, I had read some snatches of Ibn Tufayl, then glanced at Maimonides. Didn't touch the Metaphysics. LOL. Then I did try to sleep. After 45 minutes, I got up and have now spent the last three hours working on email, to dos, and contract drafting. Not exactly penserosive, but it brings Milton to mind all the same.

Or let my Lamp at midnight hour,
Be seen in som high lonely Towr,
Where I may oft out-watch the Bear,
With thrice great Hermes, or unsphear
The spirit of Plato to unfold
What Worlds, or what vast Regions hold
The immortal mind that hath forsook
Her mansion in this fleshly nook

My family thinks I just need more calcium and magnesium. . . .

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