Cleveland Metro Auto Tour

I left Marsha with her comp and rhet homework. For the afternoon at least.

I drove all over the Cleveland Metro area,
seeing the hood,
checking out the big houses,
running errands.

John Zubal's was closed, but I did manage to visit the two remaining Half Prices in the Cleveland area--so now I've been to all four (yeah!). I think that maybe when my sisters come up, I'll try to take them to all four in one afternoon. (Or maybe that's too much?) Anyways, today I sold about four boxes of my old books and found several interesting new books: Cost Management: Accounting and Control, Heracles' Bow: Essays on the Rhetoric and the Poetics of the Law (White),The Political Philosophy of Hobbes: Its Basis and Genesis(Leo Strauss), the Wippel and Wolter Medieval Philosophy sourcebook, a fascinating sourcebook by Sebastian de Grazia entitled Masters of Chinese Political Thought, and Majid Fakhry's book on Averroes. All in all, a very good run!

I also picked up our fax machine (now repaired, so please send us faxes, everyone!), and identified a very nice suit at Jos. A. Bank. Finally, I stopped at the liquor store. Have Kelpie to share with family in near future. Also, I have discovered the joys of Chambord! Sex on the beach, here we come!

BTW, has anyone read the Kurazi?

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