Elves and Wizards

Although I should have spent more time this weekend working, I escaped for quite a few hours into the week's new offerings. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is actually quite a bit better than its predecesor, Philosopher's Stone. Better effects, better cinematography, and a delicious Kenneth Branagh. (The spider sequences, however, are not for small children.) The extended edition of Fellowship of the Ring is simply superb. The additional footage goes a long way towards addressing any residual complaint that the theatrical release was a little pinched down. Sure, there's still no Tom Bombadil, but we do see midges, mithril, and lots of short shots which fill out the picture. Hobbiton and Lorien are much better characterized. Jackson's reinterpretation of Aragorn is more developed. I have to say that, to every one of the extra additions, I thought Jackson was right on.

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