Fear leads to pain. Pain leads to . . . suffering . . .

Thank you to everyone who's been posting lately and making my blog a forum de facto. I've been catching three-hour naps here and there trying to get through everything I have to do before the end of the semester. This includes perfecting my knowledge of the Arabic verb, coming to terms with the philosophical basis of private property, and finding a thesis in the midst of religious strife in Filastin.

Hopefully, I don't have a stroke and damage my second-favorite organ. If I do, I want my premodern books to go to the members of the Fairfield Society at Hillsdale College. It is enough. Now I think I can look forward to lots of little Dan Wileys running around. (Congratulations, Akhiiy!)

I did get two Arabic-English philosophical texts in the mail the other day (along with Finnis and De Re Publica), so I can start to work on the transmission of Aristotle's ideas and the roots of secularism. It's either that or survey cloud-castles. :)

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