Increasing my circulation

Dear Family, Friends, Fiends, and Philoi:

I mean to write more often to all of you, but I tend to be a very poor correspondent. The road to alienation is paved with noble sentiments. I write to less than half of you half as often as you deserve, etc. Email, nice as it is, tends to make one only an intellectually fat consumer of junk food. The internet, alas, no less than industrialization itself, has failed to change human nature for the better, and just gives us some new social habits for the worse. But, hey, I’m not writing to you—I’m starting to talk about you in my worst moralistic pseudo-philosophical vein. LOL, as we say out here in cyberspace. I need to move on to the real point of this e-‘pistle. So thousands of other intelligent web-savvy, right-wing, libertarian/conservative Christian gen-xers, I have started my own weblog (“blog”). Okay, so the name is a little long! (If you don’t know what the title refers to, I invite you to look up “dante inferno italian” at google.com.)


It’s actually been in operation for some period of time now (like, uh… 6 months?). There’s even a comments section (many thanks to a beautiful webmistress), so you can resound on my soundings. Non canimus surdis, respondent omnia siluae. Plus you can read in the (disturbing) archives and comment on old posts too.

Anyway, the point of the blog is to memorialize my thoughts, reflections, snippets of academic work, favorite lines, putative profundities, etc. This site is my soapbox, public restroom wall, and possibly my credo. Most of the content is personal only insofar as the intellectual and spiritual experience of being human in law school specifically and bourgeois consumer culture generally is necessarily and inescapably personal. Hopefully, this format suits me better than my old and now defunct site (www.ideashaveconsequences.net).

Eventually, once I learn more about how to make HTML actually do stuff for me, I hope to include sidebars of links to other resources, including important books or journal articles, other blogs, and digital images of nice reformed girls. (Okay, just kidding about the last part. LOL.)

I hope this helps in part to alleviate our mutual communication breakdown. All the same, I’ll try to write more to all of you individually. For the moment, I can only wish that you take care and keep the faith.

Provocatively yours,

Joshua N. Wiley

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