Nemesis no enigma

I guess I can never quite take Star Trek seriously after Galaxy Quest. When I see the fakey aliens in their plastic goth-lite GladÂȘ-brand garb, I just release endorphins! What can I say? Is it raiment or rainment? I forget. LOL

Star Trek IX ("Insurrection") had to have been the worst Trek ever, with the possible exception of the ludicrous installment V. So the series could only go up from here. X ("Nemesis") is a fun film, has some cool twists, and features a good space battle. The namesake of title, the Picard clone Shinzon, even looks uncannily like Dr. Evil. :) Notwithstanding these plusses, the whole piece sorta pales in comparison with VI and VIII. Just as in Minority Report, the auter (whoever he is these days LOL) pulls back from any really strong sense of catharsis. Data is killed, and everyone is sad, and there is a real sense that his soul is gone, but Brent Spiner gets a few more minutes of screen time all the same as Data's duller twin. In a nutshell, the film tries to be II ("Wrath of Khan") but fails and falls far short. And I don't think it's just for want of James Horner.

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