Release from Bondage

Yeah, that's almost make me sound like a character in a Tolkien lay. LOL Anyways, I'm finally done with finals and what is probably the worst semster since Junior year in undergrad is over. I really can't express how happy I am to be done.

I have thought of blogging some of my family law final exam answer. As my father said, "Your professor is . . . perverse." Seriously, this was the most screwed-up fact pattern I've seen yet.

This movie is awesome!

I saw TTT with my parents and sisters the other night and was thoroughly delighted. Yes, Jackson did editorialize and dramatize, especially Faramir. But he included an amazing amount of Appendix material (Gimli on dwarf-women, Aragorn's funeral scene). He managed to get Rohan and Isengard completely right. But Gollum completely steals the show. Although the character is CGI on the human actor's outline, it's the most heart-wrenching thing in effect. It's a fine balance to capture, but the character succeeds in being deeply tragic and heart-breaking pathetic. Just like Tolkien meant in the bookÑas part-examplar of the Gospel.

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