My brother suggested that I look into Kevin Smith films so I started with Clerks. Hilarious. Then I saw Chasing Amy and it totally floored me. Almost certainly the single best film I have seen for a long time. (I've also seen it about 3x in the past 10 days.) It isn't as metaphysical as Soderbergh's recent Solaris or as rompy as that golden Amelie, yet for me it resonated very deeply. Chasing Amy is a brutally honest film about what people today call "relationships." It's vaguely reminiscent of a Walker Percy novel, minus the Catholicism and the psycho-theology. It so perfectly describes the tragedy of growing up, as an alienated Gen-X'er, amidst the wreckage of the post-'68 moral universe (of which, for better or worse, we are all really part). I should blog something by way of a more substantial review sometime.

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