Valentine's Day

In the spirit of some of my friends' posts, I should note that I'm beginning to wonder if some central planning agency, maybe a big board of elders of the gate, should just randomly match young people from a pool of qualified eligibles. This whole go-out-and-try-to-find-someone-compatible-and-make-it-up-as-you-go-along thing really sucks. LOL. Seriously, why do we love the Other? Okay, wrong Q. Sum, ergo amo Deum. But why do we love this other and not that other? Is it sheer accident? It's certainly irrational. And yet we devote such weight and effort to massaging our appetite for sentimentality, for an echo of some mystical union with the One. Who is really only just another. Who can, especially once sex and children have raised conflicts of interest, never fully be our friend. Is this just narcissim? I love myself so I can only be satisfied with the illusion that the One wants me because I, and only, I have this magic, because only through me can they have the necessary leap in being?

Is this related to the problem of being and becoming? Must read more metaphysics.

And if I see anyone comment or respond using the word "covenant" as an adjective, I swear that I'll . . . I'll . . . well, just have to bite my tongue and smile.

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