Bars and books.

Books do actually start conversations. I was feeling angsty last night, so I went to Barley's and had a Russian Imperial Stout. I was reading Pico della Mirandola's Peroration--a pre-Reformation, anti-schimatic work totally after my own heart. I had Nisbet's Quest for Community lying on the bar. And I was puffing away. So this guy from Xenos comes up to me and asks about Nisbet, because he's heard of him somewhere. And we end up having a two-hour conversation about the nature of the Church and history. It was unexpectly refreshing. (JNW just doesn't get enough social interaction. Will probably lead to his commitment in another 5 years or so.)

Now if only some beautiful goddess would look down upon me reading speculative philosophy in bars and dance clubs and ask about my other books. :( LOL.

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