Winter Frolic

Had a wonderful weekend at an OPC college/career outing in PA/WV. Drove out to Morgantown with Eric Eckhart on Friday. Hit the ground running and asked annoying, Rachel Murphy-esque questions (e.g., "When did the West begin to decline?") of two beautiful history majorsÑone a vivacious Byrn Mawr senior and another a Redeemer grad/abortive MBA/future Byzantine historian. Was sumptuously feted by a chef, doctor, elder, and gentleman. Had a blast smoking pipes in the snow with Charlie Monroe and his English-major associate, who had interesting perspectives on the Canon. And I did a bit of snowboarding--enough to be sore. :) The loss of Columbia was the the major distraction, though. :( I spent several hours, when I should have been boarding, glued to a TV, waiting for press conferences.

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